Borescope for Building inspection
Within the construction industry clients have to deal with constantly increasing safety requirements, which is an optimal time to implement an industrial borescopes for inspections. This borescopes enable substantial examinations of buildings without interfering with their construction. Flexible and rigid borescopes are successfully used to conduct remote visual inspections for mold in buildings. Mold can develop behind walls, under floors and other impossible to view areas. With our borescopes and snake scopes inspections can be documented quickly and with very little expenditure, particularly in the field. Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) applications in the building and construction industry are extensive, including air conditioning ducts, wall cavities, ventilation systems, ceiling, roof and floor voids, water tanks and pipes, wiring and boiler flues. The construction industry uses it for inspection behind walls to find problems such as inadequate structural integrity, pests, and harmful mold or mildew. This will be important to you if purchasing a building, having a building inspected with it may find problems you wouldn’t know where it is.

3.5 Inches Monitor
Borescope - (TX101-39)

3.5 Inches Video
Endoscope - (TX1-6)

Digital Snake
Borescope - (C600)

2 Way Articulation
Borescope - (TX1-2A41)

2 Way
Articulation Borescope

4 Way
Articulation Borescope

4 Way
Articulation Borescope

Pipe Inspection
Borescope Camera