Borescope for Aviation and Helicopter
Recently, aircraft have been required to have on-condition maintenance performed, which relies on the capability to detect failures before they happen, so preventive maintenance can be initiated. Borescopes are becoming instrumental and required to perform these types of inspections. If, during an inspection, maintenance personnel can find evidence that the equipment is approaching the end of its life, then it may be possible to delay the failure, prevent it from happening, or replace the equipment at the earliest convenience, rather than allowing the failure to occur with severe consequences. Borescope inspection of an engine internally “on the wing” for signs of FOD, wear and mechanical damage is a common practice. Turbine borescope inspections help maintain the reliability of the aircraft gas turbine.
Areas of borescope inspection
Compressor blades and guide vanes are checked for foreign object damage (FOD) and erosion.
Combustion Chamber
Burner cans are checked for cracks. Fuel nozzles and other parts, including louvers are checked for excessive coking, cracking and distortion.
Turbine Section
The highest heat levels are in the first stage turbine. Here both the stationary nozzles and guide vanes are subject to burning and cracking, pitting, erosion and sulfidation. Second stage blades can be subject to shifting and rivet cracking.

Modern engines are already equipped with borescope , and our wide range of diameters allow for a variety of guide tubes to be used to properly access the inspection area, facilitating easy quick and easy inspections. Proper borescope inspections shorten aircraft downtimes and safely detect any service requirements. We offers visually advanced inspection devices with its industrial videoscopes, borescope systems, which make it easy to not inspect turbines and other hard to reach areas.

3.5 Inches Monitor
Borescope - (TX101-39)

Rigid Endoscope

Rigid Endoscope

2 Way Articulation
Borescope - (TX1-2A41)

2 Way Articulation
Borescope - (TX101-4A62)

2 Way Articulation
Borescope - (TX101-2A62)