Automotive Videoscopes and Borescopes
Remote visual inspection has many applications within the automotive industry. Automotive borescopes provide solutions by allowing internal inspection of engine castings, cylinder bores, gearboxes, body shells and finished vehicles. Investigate of a variety of problems without teardown is possible with an automotive borescope include checking internal component condition for carbon deposits and wear. Borescopes can be used cost-effectively in automotive maintenance. Automotive applications include:

Clutch – springs of pressure plate and thrust bearing

Engine – valve damage, cylinder inspection, head gaskets and piston top

Body and Chassis – detect damage cracks and corrosion

Transmission and differential – ring, bevel gear inspection, seals and shaft bearing inspection

The flexible borescope enables mechanics to diagnose problems much easier and more accurately.

Automobile manufacturers have borescopes to inspect machined parts for defects. Preventing defective parts from reaching the customer is the key to quality control. Manufacturers also use them to check assemble line for machinery problems. This minimizes downtime and improves productivity on the line.

3.5 Inches Monitor
Borescope - (TX101-4)

3.5 Inches Video
Endoscope - (TX1-6)

Digital Snake
Borescope - (C600)

Rigid Endoscope

2 Way Articulation
Borescope - (TX1-2A41)

2 Way Articulation
Borescope - (TX101-2A62)

2 Way Articulation
Borescope - (2A61)